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Housewarming Party Themes

Just moved?  Let's meet the neighbors and load up on housewarming gifts.  Before we have an open-ended, hodge-podge, mildly awkward party let's get our ducks in a row.  What are our goals for this party?

GiftsMeet the neighborsVet out which neighbors to buy and which to sell

When it comes to gifts you don't want 20 doormats...unless you have 20 doors.  You just need 1 or 2 doormats.  In order to make sure you don't end up with 20 doormats you should have a registry....just kidding.  Having a registry for your housewarming party is a sure way to not make friends in your new neighborhood.  Instead of a registry have a theme.


Worst Housewarming Presents

Here at Clever Doormats we think our products make for great housewarming gifts...the best housewarming gifts in fact!  Well I guess not the best...an iPad, or a new car, or a wad of cash would probably be better.  In any case we make it easy to find a humorous and functional gift for under $50.  

If you like your friends you'll probably want to get them something good unless you're an evil person.  Assuming you're not evil you might want to consider getting them one of our funny doormats.  But if you are evil and want to get you friend something that really sucks check out our top 10 list of crappy housewarming gifts:


Meth Labs are Bad

Today we pay respect to Breaking Bad.  Our "This is not a Meth Lab" Doormat is the one that started it all for us.  Without that idea we may never have launched this brand...what a bummer that would have been!  So we want to thank Walter White and Jesse Pinkman for making meth labs relevant in the main stream.