Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks

Here at CD we realized that we stumbled onto something cool.  Our "Winter is Not Coming" Doormat (pictured below) is a hit.  In case you don't get the joke it's a reference to Jon Snow from Game of Thrones...and if you don't know who Jon Snow is you've probably been stranded on an island since April 17th, 2011.

So this leads us to the purpose of this blog article.  We want to make more geeky doormats.  In our office discussions we realized that the word "geeky" might be offensive to some.  After a lengthy discussion about geeks and nerds we realized that we were wasting our time and should do what everyone else does...Google the damn thing.  And that we did. 

Our findings were interesting:

  • A Nerd is a person with exceptional intelligence in a specific field but lacks general social skills.
  • A Geek is a fan of something specific that he/she obsesses over.  The term has nothing to do with intelligence
  • A Dork is a dull, slow witted, socially inept person

We concluded that our GoT doormats are indeed of the Geeky Doormat form.  Thus concludes are debate...our doormats are not nerdy or dorky doormats...they are geeky doormats.  We found this cool Ven Diagram on the interweb.  Ven Diagrams are cool


As usual we hope we wasted your time.  If you're still reading this we have one last message: Stinky Butt Poopy Pants