Housewarming Party Games

Sure, you can have a great party with some booze and an icebreaker game that you learned at your office retreat.  But to have a memorable housewarming party try one of these housewarming party games:

5) Game of Thrones Monopoly

Why play as a car or a shoe when you can be a White Walker or a Three Eyed Raven?

4) Jumbo Foosball

This one requires owning or borrowing a jumbo sized foosball table.  If you source the table you're in for a great Housewarming Party

3) Flip Cup

A bit messy but a crowd favorite.  

2) Coupes Hide and Seek

Gives your couple friends an excuse to find a random part of your home to make out it in

1) Pin the Junk on The Hunk

A bit risque but definitely not at all boring.  Bound to get laughs, increase alcohol consumption, and lead to an overall memorable Housewarming Party