Housewarming Party Themes

Just moved?  Let's meet the neighbors and load up on housewarming gifts.  Before we have an open-ended, hodge-podge, mildly awkward party let's get our ducks in a row.  What are our goals for this party?

  • Gifts
  • Meet the neighbors
  • Vet out which neighbors to buy and which to sell

When it comes to gifts you don't want 20 doormats...unless you have 20 doors.  You just need 1 or 2 doormats.  In order to make sure you don't end up with 20 doormats you should have a registry....just kidding.  Having a registry for your housewarming party is a sure way to not make friends in your new neighborhood.  Instead of a registry have a theme.

BOOZE THEME - There's no better way to lighten the mood than with some booze. This houswarming theme will get your bar stocked up quickly and at the expense of others.  Plus, you'll find out which neighbors drink Zima and which appreciate a real drink.  This is a sure shot to having a fun housewarming party

PAINT THE ROOM - Put your neighbors to work.  If you suspect that they're lame anyway just get some aprons and paint equipment and let them help you.  You'll save time and money but you might not make any fact you might make some enemies.  This may seem more like outsourcing than a housewarming party theme and that's because it is!

POT LUCK - If you want to eat leftovers for a week then by all means have a pot luck housewarming party.  This is not nearly as fun as a booze theme but you'll figure out which families are foodies and which prefer McDonalds.

GATSBY THEME - We saved the best for last!  A Gatsby Themed Housewarming Party is sure to be memorable.  You don't have to get all decked out...just purchase a few cheap top hats to give to the guests and let the martini's and craft cocktails flow.  This is definitely a fun way to get to know the neighbors.  You'll find out very quickly which neighbors can let loose and embrace the silly theme and which are uptight.  With this theme you can't necessarily control the types of gifts that you'll receive but the theme itself implies 1920s speakeasy style cocktails.  We imagine you'll get a bunch of booze!