Meth Labs are Bad

Today we pay respect to Breaking Bad.  Our "This is not a Meth Lab" Doormat is the one that started it all for us.  Without that idea we may never have launched this brand...what a bummer that would have been!  So we want to thank Walter White and Jesse Pinkman for making meth labs relevant in the main stream. 

Just to clarify, the below image IS a meth lab:

If you have this type of operation in your home you may want to try to mislead the authorities with this doormat:

We've found that just about everyone likes Breaking Bad and just about everyone needs a new doormat.  These two factors combined have made our "This is not a Meth Lab" doormat a huge hit!  So thank you again Walter and Jesse. You made money selling meth, we're making money selling doormats.  Below are a few other cool Breaking Bad Gifts

Cutting Board

Action Figures


This concludes our tribute the Breaking Bad.