What is Coir?

Coir - noun: fiber from the outer husk of the coconut, used for making ropes and matting

Our doormats are made out of coir.  Many doormats are made from coir.  Well at least the top part is coir.  You know that brown bristly stuff that's tough on dirt?...yep, that's coir.  The anti-slip backing is made out of PVC.  We're not here to talk about PVC...if you'd like to learn more about it go here.

We're here to talk about coir.  Wikipedia (our source of knowledge for everything) coir has been used for rope making since ancient times.  Clearly this doorway could be brightened up with a "We Hope You Brought Wine" doormat:

Image result for ancient times door


Where would we be without coir?  Well for starters we'd have to find an alternative way to make rope.  Suicide rates would be down but the nautical industry would be at a loss.

Without coir we'd have to find another way to make funny doormats.  Making them out of wood or burlap just doesn't seem to have the same touch.

Without coir we wouldn't have a business of making funny doormats....and without coconuts we would not have coir...SO...we are greatly thankful to all coconuts